Jun 2, 2020 - Economy & Business

Brands take a stand

Data: Morning Consult; Note: ±2% margin of error; Chart: Axios Visuals
Data: Morning Consult; Note: ±2% margin of error; Chart: Axios Visuals

Twitter, Google, Nike and Netflix are among the dozens of brands over the past two days that have taken public stances in favor of Americans protesting racial inequality.

The state of play: Some companies have changed their logos in solidarity with the movement and put out statements, while others have pledged money in support of efforts to address social injustice.

Why it matters: Data shows that brands have less to lose when speaking out on issues such as civil rights and gay rights than they would when speaking out against other hot-button issues, like abortion or guns.

  • Other studies have shown that brands with the best reputations among consumers are ones that stand up for issues, regardless of whether those issues are considered liberal or progressive.

Be smart: Brands that don't speak up face a grim reality, not just from their consumers, but also their employees.

  • "Dozens" of Facebook employees staged a "virtual walkout" Monday over the company's decision not to take action against President Trump's provocative messages in the face of nationwide protests against police violence, the New York Times reports.

The bottom line: Overall, according to new data from Morning Consult, brands that do not make an official statement are viewed less favorably than brands that do.

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