Updated Apr 27, 2020 - Politics & Policy

White House unveils coronavirus testing plan

Trump meets with industry executives to discuss ongoing responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Photo: Doug MIlls/The New York Times via Getty Images

President Trump unveiled two new documents at Monday's coronavirus press briefing — a coronavirus "testing overview" and "testing blueprint" — that lay out how the administration plans to work with state governments and the private sector to expand testing, viewed as critical to reopening the economy.

Why it matters: Governors have urged the federal government to be more involved in expanding testing and coordinating a national strategy, but it’s unclear whether these new documents will allay their concerns.

Details: The "testing overview" lays out three stages to address testing — "launch," "scale," and "support opening up again."

  • The first two stages summarize steps that the administration has already taken, while the third stage details a plan for the federal government to "coordinate with governors to support testing plans and rapid response programs."

The document also notes that continued support from the federal government will include:

  • Expedited regulatory approvals for tests and testing equipment.
  • Research and development of diagnostic tests.
  • Updated procedural guidance for administrating tests.

Key takeaway: The overview makes clear that the federal government will act as a "supplier of last resort" when it comes to testing.

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