Apr 15, 2020 - Technology

Apple Maps data shows big coronavirus-driven drops in travel

Data: Apple; Chart: Axios Visuals

Apple released data Tuesday from nations and cities worldwide that help to show the stunning reductions in travel due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Why it matters: Stay-at-home policies and closures of schools, offices and more are among the forces driving the collapse in oil demand — so is the decline of flying, which is not directly captured here.

What they did: Apple unveiled an interactive online tool that shows the results of changes in the number of requests for directions to Apple Maps. It's one proxy for reductions in travel, and captures direction requests for walking, driving and mass transit including buses.

By the numbers: Globally, Apple says that route requests as of Monday were down 45% compared to the total on Jan. 13 in the U.S., down 46% in Germany, 70% in the U.K. and 85% in Italy.

  • Search for specific European cities — including Barcelona, Paris and Rome — and you'll see cuts in the 90% range.

The big picture: Apple said they released the data to help efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

  • "This mobility data may provide helpful insights to local governments and health authorities and may also be used as a foundation for new public policies by showing the change in volume of people driving, walking or taking public transit in their communities," the tech giant said.
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