Apr 14, 2020 - Politics & Policy

Madeleine Albright covers post-government life in new memoir "Hell and Other Destinations"

Mike Allen
Cover: Harper

Cover: Harper

Madeleine Albright, America’s first female secretary of state, releases her memoir about post-government life, "Hell and Other Destinations," on Tuesday.

Albright says: "I never expected ... that the title would so closely reflect the national condition."

Sneak peek ... She writes that the BBC's World War II radio broadcasts from London, where her family was living in exile, were introduced by a kettledrum playing the first notes of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony: Dah-dah-dah-dum.

  • In Morse Code, that was V (dot-dot-dot-dash), the Allies' symbol for victory.
  • Albright now wears a big V-shaped pin, and is calling for a new alliance — for victory over the coronavirus.  
  • She will wear it on her "virtual book tour," says Robert Barnett, who represented her along with Deneen Howell.
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