Mar 31, 2020 - Technology

Fitbit adds GPS to its fitness band

Fitbit Charge 4

Fitbit Charge 4. Photo: Fitbit

Fitbit is the latest tech company tasked with launching a consumer product amid the coronavirus outbreak, on Tuesday unveiling a new version of its Charge fitness tracker.

The big picture: While it has been working to add paid subscription services, Fitbit remains dependent on new hardware sales, something that could be trickier in a time when most of America is sheltering in place.

Details: The new product, the Charge 4, adds GPS and Spotify controls while keeping a sub-$150 price. The GPS function is only turned on for specific activities in order to allow the band to have multiday battery life.

Yes, but: Fitbit could be in a tough spot in trying to get people to buy a new fitness tracker at a time when stores are closed and people are largely staying at home.

  • That said, overall interest in fitness is increasing as people try to stay active at a challenging time (see Adobe sales data above). And even those sheltering in place are generally allowed to go out for exercise.

What they're saying: "We're still assessing the overall impact on our business, but we are pleased that we are able to deliver Charge 4 to the market as planned. ... We are constantly monitoring the evolving situation globally across all of our supply chains and will adjust our plans and operations as needed," a Fitbit representative told Axios.

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