Mar 30, 2020 - Technology

Microsoft Teams usage up in areas with social distancing measures

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Photo: Kena Betancur/VIEWpress/Corbis via Getty Images

Microsoft says it has seen some significant spikes in some applications where there are shelter-in-place or social distancing rules.

Why it matters: The increased cloud demand adds to the strain on the internet, but companies whose key apps are in the cloud are far more easily able to accommodate a remote workforce than those that rely on their own servers.

  • The company has also seen Windows Virtual Desktop usage more than triple and a 42% increase in government use of Microsoft's Power BI as entities look to share COVID-19 dashboards.
  • Microsoft said it will continue to prioritize first responders, medical supply chains, chatbots for health screening, and other health-related websites. The company said it has seen stronger demand in a number of geographies, but said, "Despite the significant increase in demand, we have not had any significant service disruptions."
  • Microsoft said monthly usage of the calling and meeting features of Microsoft Teams increased 775% in Italy over a one-month period during the outbreak.

Editor's note: This story has been updated to correct inaccurate information provided by Microsoft. The company originally said in a blog post Friday that it had seen a 775% increase in cloud services in areas with social distancing measures. On Monday, Microsoft updated its post, crossing out that information and replacing it with a paragraph saying the 775% actually applied only to the calling and meeting features of Microsoft Teams, and only in Italy, for a one-month period.

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