Mar 30, 2020 - Health

For some, coronavirus pushes new issues to top of national agenda

Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

The coronavirus pandemic is helping shift policy priorities for some Americans, according to results from an online caucus the Glover Park Group provided to Axios.

Why it matters: Crises can force the nation to acknowledge bipartisan problems that are often neglected due to lack of a political motivation to solve them.

The big picture: Equal numbers of respondents (72%) cited each side of the crisis as a top concern — be it getting sick or losing someone close, or the economic damage inflicted by the lockdown.

  • Worker protections and paid leave: According to the survey, paid leave and worker pay top the list of actions that Americans want to see businesses take to ease the crisis.
  • Manufacturing: According to the report, more Americans are concerned about American dependence on supply chains outside of the U.S.
  • Broadband inequality: School closures and remote work across the country are showcasing how inequities in access to high-speed broadband can impact access to education and work during a time of crisis.
  • Education: The Glover Park Group research found that parents are worried about the long-term impact the coronavirus will have on the achievement gap.
  • Mental health is becoming a bigger national concern as more Americans are forced to remain isolated away from loved ones and support systems.

The bottom line: The windows for change can be short, so it's unclear whether Americans will keep wanting these changes after the crisis calms down.

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