Mar 4, 2020 - Sports

The most popular college basketball teams across the country

Map of the country highlighted by college basketball affiliation

Courtesy: Vivid Seats

Texas Tech, Kentucky and Minnesota are the most popular college basketball teams when broken down by county, according to a map powered by Vivid Seats ticket sales data.

By the numbers: Texas has by far the most counties of any state, including a number of sparsely populated ones near Texas Tech, which tops the list in 119 counties, so that's a big reason why the Red Raiders are in the lead.

  1. Texas Tech (119 counties)
  2. Kentucky (116)
  3. Minnesota (97)
  4. Arkansas (96)
  5. Nebraska (88)

Worth noting:

  • Duke claims 20 counties, but only three in North Carolina — evidence of the Blue Devils' national following and their stiff in-state competition.
  • Arkansas is the only program that owns an entire state, claiming all 75 counties.
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