Feb 26, 2020 - Sports

A 62-year old Marine set a record by planking for 8 hours

George Hood, a 62-year-old Marine veteran from Naperville, Illinois, recently set the Guinness World Record for longest abdominal plank at eight hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds.

What he's saying: Hood discovered planking a decade ago and quickly got hooked. "It was a static exercise. There was no movement involved. I could put music in my ears at the gym and lay on the floor and plank," he told WashPost.

  • "I did it every day. I would blow things off to get my planks in. It was like sugar," he added.
  • "My plank is my best friend. Do I have a social life? No, not one to really speak of, because all I do is train."

The bottom line: You will never love anything as much as George Hood loves planking.

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