Feb 25, 2020 - Economy & Business

Netflix introduces top 10 lists for movies and TV shows

Gif of Netflix flexing

Illustration:Rebecca Zisser/Axios

Netflix said Monday that it will begin putting out daily lists of the top 10 movies and top 10 TV shows in each country.

Why it matters: The company says that the lists will help users "easily see what’s in the zeitgeist," but industry onlookers argue that by releasing the lists, Netflix is undermining its almighty algorithm, which is supposed to surface personalized content recommendations for users.

Be smart: In typical Netflix fashion, the company offered little clarity around what it will be using to determine which shows are "popular."

  • According to Bloomberg, no outside party verified the lists. The lists are based on viewership in the first 28 days after a show was released, and the numbers include "people who watched at least two minutes of a program — rather than all the way through."

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