President Trump at a 2018 rally in Mosinee, Wisconsin. Photo: Andy Manis/Getty Images

A new survey by Firehouse Strategies, a Republican firm, and 0ptimus finds President Trump's approval underwater in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin — vital states from his 2016 map that form Dems' most likely path to 270.

The state of play: Biden, Beto and Bernie all currently beat Trump head-to-head in Wisconsin, but Trump would defeat all three in Michigan. Pennsylvania offers a split: The polling shows only Biden can beat Trump there.

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Europe faces "stronger and deadlier" coronavirus wave

Paris under curfew. Photo: Kiran Ridley/Getty Images

The coronavirus is still winning: Now even Germany is entering another national lockdown, joined by France.

Why it matters: France has been "overpowered by a second wave,” President Emmanuel Macron said in a nationally televised address today. Macron said the "new wave will be stronger and deadlier" than the first.

Stocks close down more than 3%

Photo: Alexi Rosenfeld via Getty Images

Stocks took a hit on Wednesday, with the S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrials Average and Nasdaq dropping more than 3% across the board.

Why it matters: The volatility is a break from the stock market grinding higher in the face of spiking coronavirus cases, a stalling economy and gridlocked negotiations over an additional stimulus package.