What's driving the conversation since the first 2020 Democratic debates

Adapted from a Hamilton Place Strategies chart; Chart: Axios Visuals.

Issues that got the most heat in the first 2020 Democratic debates have since made a dent in the social-media conversation, per data harvested by Hamilton Place Strategies, an analytical public affairs consulting firm.

What they're saying: "Some of the most notable moments in the debate were around health care and immigration, and both of those topics gained in share of voice after the debate," partner Matt McDonald tells Axios.

  • HPS found that the biggest gainers in Twitter followers since the Miami debates are Sen. Kamala Harris and Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Julián Castro, who got good buzz from the debate, also had a nice bump. 
  • "The candidate with the smallest percentage growth in followers was Beto (0%) (not literally 0 new followers, but the percentage growth rounds to 0)."

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