Dec 6, 2019 - Politics & Policy

Sanders reveals $150 billion plan to increase broadband access

Sen. Bernie Sanders

Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

Bernie Sanders released a new $150 billion plan on Friday to increase broadband internet access across the U.S. and break up what his campaign labels "internet service provider and cable monopolies."

The big picture: Sanders is one of many 2020 candidates, such as Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren to release a plan to increase high-speed broadband access.

Increasing broadband access and lowering costs:

  • Sanders says that he would build the needed infrastructure by providing $150 billion toward internet access through the Green New Deal.
  • He wants to increase broadband access specifically for those in affordable housing, living with disabilities, schools and on tribal lands.

Breaking up large companies:

  • Sanders said he will use existing antitrust authority to break up large service providers such as Verizon, AT&T and Comcast.
  • He would also prevent internet service providers from providing content.

Build communication networks:

  • Sanders wants all new broadband infrastructure to be built so that it's resilient to extreme weather events brought on by climate change — like floods, hurricanes and wildfires.

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