Dec 2, 2019

Vigil held for London attack victims as terror suspect recalled to prison

Members of public leave flowers and goodbye notes at the scene of November 29

Tributes to the London Bridge terrorist attack victims. Photo: Dominika Zarzycka/NurPhoto via Getty Images

A vigil was being held Monday morning for the University of Cambridge graduates killed in the London Bridge attack, as police confirmed a 34-year-old man was recalled to prison "on suspicion of preparation of terrorist acts."

Why it matters: Nazam Hussain is the first convicted terrorist to be recalled to prison since British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced Sunday his government was urgently reviewing its sentencing system following Usman Khan's stabbing attack, the Telegraph reports.

Why it matters: Hussain was imprisoned for terrorism offenses in 2012 and was a "close associate" of fellow convicted terrorist Khan, who was killed by police while wearing a fake suicide bombing vest during the stabbing rampage, per the Telegraph. However, Staffordshire Police stressed there's no suggestion that he was involved in Friday's attack.

What's happening: London Mayor Sadiq Khan (no relation to the attacker) was expected to be among those attending the vigil at 11am local time for Jack Merritt, 25, and Saskia Jones, 23, who were killed in Friday's attack, the BBC reports. Jones was formally identified as the second attack victim Sunday evening.

Background: The Metropolitan Police said Merritt was the co-ordinator of the Learning Together scheme and Jones was a volunteer for the University of Cambridge program, which was hosting a conference at Fishmongers' Hall from where Khan began his attack.

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