Nov 17, 2019 - Politics & Policy

Trump's fading superpower on display in Louisiana governor loss

Trump rallies for Louisiana governor candidate Eddie Rispone

Photo: Matt Sullivan/Getty Images

President Trump blessed and helped win, against the odds, the Florida and Georgia governors races in 2018 — an astonishing display of political muscle.

Driving the news: This year, in two more conservative states, Trump tried a similar feat — Kentucky earlier this month, and Louisiana yesterday — and flopped. 

In Louisiana, "Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards claimed a second term [last night], winning a stunning victory in a heavily Republican state and beating back repeated attacks," tweets and visits by President Trump, The Advocate of New Orleans reports.

  • "Edwards defeated Republican businessman Eddie Rispone with about 51% of the vote, polling 40,341 ballots more than his opponent out of more than 1.5 million cast."

How it happened: "Urban ministers, organized labor and black politicians worked for Edwards, the 53-year-old who is the only Democratic governor in the Deep South," per The Advocate.

  • "Rispone ... had Trump at his side at rallies — along with $2 million and 60 paid staffers sent at the last minute from the Republican National Committee and millions more dollars from the Republican Governors Association."

By the numbers: As Bloomberg's Sahil Kapur notes, Trump held rallies for the Republican gubernatorial candidates in Kentucky, Louisiana and Mississippi, where he put the fight against impeachment front and center. The results:

  • Kentucky, which Trump won by 30 points in 2016, was carried by the Democrat by 0.4%.
  • Louisiana, which Trump won by 20 points in 2016, was carried by the Democrat by 2.6%.
  • Mississippi, which Trump won by 18 points in 2016, was carried by the Republican by 5.5%.

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