Oct 30, 2019

Pathologist claims Jeffrey Epstein autopsy more consistent with homicide than suicide

Jeffrey Epstein.

Photo: Rick Friedman/Rick Friedman Photography/Corbis via Getty Images

Michael Baden, a forensic pathologist hired by Jeffrey Epstein's brother, told "Fox & Friends" Wednesday that the evidence surrounding the financier and convicted sex offender's death earlier this year "points to homicide rather than suicide."

The big picture: Baden's claim, which directly contradicts the official ruling surrounding Epstein's death, argues that Epstein's injuries were "unusual for suicidal hangings and more consistent with ligature homicidal strangulation."

Yes, but: Baden himself pointed out his investigation is incomplete, according to Fox News. He told the network that a homicide would have left a perpetrator's DNA at the scene, but admitted that "we don’t have those results yet."

  • New York City medical examiner Barbara Sampson, who previously determined Epstein's death to have been a suicide, "strongly disputed" Baden's claims, per the New York Times.
  • A spokesperson for the Manhattan U.S. Attorney's office didn't respond to the Times' request for comment.

Worth noting: Epstein's death has been the center of conspiracy theories almost since the moment it was announced.

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