Oct 22, 2019 - Economy

Generation Z-focused Brat TV expands to Amazon and Roku

You can't have a conversation about the future of TV without talking about Brat TV, a digital content studio based in L.A. that's become the production hub for Gen Z content.

What's new: The company has recently struck a deal with Amazon Prime and Roku to have its top titles carried there, sources tell Axios.

  • Brat appears to have also struck a commerce deal with Amazon to sell merchandise against some of its shows, like its popular "Chicken Girls" hit.

The company has also signed a partnership with Amagi, a cloud-based broadcast service that will convert its library into live linear TV streams.

  • It's working on deals to launch a larger music division and a new apparel brand with partners, to be announced later this year.
  • Next month the company will be launching two new digital series later this year called "Sunnyside Up," and "Crazy Fast."

Be smart: Think of Brat TV as The CW for the digital era. The company creates TV-quality shows for its 5 million subscribers across all of its social channels, with the majority of its traffic streaming from YouTube.

  • It had 13 million unique viewers on YouTube last quarter. Since launching in 2017, it's garnered over 5 billion minutes of watch time.
  • The cost for the production for network shows from Brat is roughly $3,500 per minute, which is low compared to what other programmers are producing for the streaming world.
  • Case-in-point: The most expensive shows on Quibi will cost $100,000 per minute.

Between the lines: Brat rival "AwesomenessTV" sold to Viacom earlier this year for $25 million, suggesting that networks and bigger studios are looking at digital content studios that serve Gen Z audiences as prime acquisition targets.

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