Oct 14, 2019 - Health

Trump administration faces 2 more legal setbacks on health care agenda

The Trump administration's health care agenda suffered 2 more setbacks in court on Friday.

Driving the news: A federal judge in New York blocked implementation of the administration's "public charge" rule, which would make it harder for immigrants to gain legal status if they're likely to rely on public programs — including Medicaid or subsidies through the Affordable Care Act.

Medicaid work requirements were also on thin ice, during a contentious hearing before the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. 

  • The panel seemed wary, as a lower-court judge has been, of the administration's decision to approve work requirements without giving much weight to the number of people who would lose Medicaid coverage as a result.
  • Listen to the arguments.

The bottom line: Nothing is final on either front. The D.C. Circuit hasn't ruled yet, and when it does, that ruling can be appealed up to the Supreme Court.

  • And the Justice Department is sure to appeal the public-charge ruling, as well.
  • Still, these setbacks are part of a trend, and they are slowing the administration's work while threatening to ultimately derail it altogether.

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