Oct 5, 2019 - Economy

Chart: The jobs of the future are growing faster than all jobs

Reproduced from a Cognizant chart; Chart: Axios Visuals

Maybe you didn't grow up dreaming of being an "augmented reality journey builder" or "master of edge computing" or a "cyber calamity forecaster." But someone will.

The big picture: Jobs of the future will be heavy on the use of algorithms, automation and AI; customer experience; environment; fitness and wellness; health care; legal and financial services; transport; and work culture.

  • Why it matters: This is the sunnier side of the apocalyptic argument that robots are going to eat our jobs.

That assessment comes from a report identifying 50 "jobs of the future" to replace the many current occupations that are being vaporized.

Cognizant keeps a quarterly jobs tracker that tries to determine whether new jobs will efficiently replace those eliminated.

  • So far, so good: Since early 2017, the index's jobs of the future have been growing faster than all jobs.

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