Sep 17, 2019 - Technology

Internet Association pushes Congress to pass national privacy law

Illustration of Privacy alarm being snoozed on a phone

Illustration: Rebecca Zisser/Axios

The web's trade organization, the Internet Association, became the latest industry group to urge Congress to pass a national privacy law.

Why it matters: Industry organizations, individual companies and consumer groups all say they want privacy legislation. They probably vary in what they would like to see in such legislation, but there could well be room for something that all could get behind.

What they're saying: "Passing comprehensive, federal privacy legislation in the 116th Congress is a top priority for the internet industry," said IA president & CEO Michael Beckerman. "Internet companies stand ready with the broader business community to support unified, national privacy legislation."

Between the lines: California's state privacy law goes into effect Jan. 1, and much of the industry hoped to see less strict national rules pre-empt the state's measure first.

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