Sep 10, 2019 - Technology

First look: iPhone 11 Pro


From the front, it's very hard to tell the just-introduced iPhone 11 Pro isn't just an iPhone XS, but flip it over, and you can see the phone's main standout feature, a third rear camera.

The bottom line: As impressive as the new images coming from the camera appear to be, it may be tough to convince existing owners that an added camera, faster chip and improved battery life offer enough reasons to upgrade. But have a look for yourself in this video.

Recap: The iPhone 11 Pro goes on sale Sept. 20., starting at $999 for the smaller model and $1,099 for the larger-screen iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The lower-end iPhone 11, which resembles the iPhone XR but with 2 rear cameras, goes on sale at the same time and starts at $699.

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