Jul 14, 2019 - Politics & Policy

On migrant detention centers, Trump and Pence say very different things

Pence and trump walking together.

Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

President Trump and Vice President Pence have given conflicting accounts of migrant detention centers.

What they're saying: When asked if the conditions at a southern border facility were acceptable, Pence told CNN on Friday, "No, it's not." But Trump tweeted Sunday that a tour showed the men's facilities to be "clean but crowded," adding that they were "also loaded up with a big percentage of criminals."

Driving the news: Pence, alongside other administration officials, visited two immigration facilities Friday, with one housing families and the other housing single adults. While the family facility offered a view of children and parents watching films together and snacking, the male facility reportedly featured drastic overcrowding, stench-inducing heat and men sleeping on concrete floors.

But Trump said the tour was a vindication for the facilities, saying they discredit a New York Times report depicting them as crowded and filthy.

What they're saying: In talking to CNN, Pence put the onus on Congress, saying that the facility "ought to be a very clear message to every American that the time for action is now and the time for Congress to act to end the flow of families that are coming north from Central America to our border is now."

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