Jun 10, 2019 - Technology

Google CEO Sundar Pichai on accurate representation in facial recognition technology

While Google made much at its I/O conference about the ability to do more with less data, the rise of machine learning could add pressure for Google and others to step up their data collection efforts.

  • "AI needs training data, but we can get at the data many ways," Pichai said during his interview with "Axios on HBO." "I don't think AI and privacy are at odds with each other."

The big picture: Pichai acknowledged that some types of AI today encode social biases — facial recognition, for instance, tends to be better at detecting white men than women and people of color.

  • As for whether the problem is that it's mostly white men designing the systems, Pichai said, "I have no doubt the outcomes would be better if the people working on it are also representative."

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