May 31, 2019 - Health

Juul exploring opening its own store

In this illustration, a woman in sunglasses vapes clouds shaped like dollar signs.

Illustration: Lazaro Gamio/Axios

Juul is considering opening its own stores, WSJ scooped yesterday, although it hasn't made a final decision.

The intrigue: It's hired staff for potential locations in Dallas and Houston, which both have high smoking rates. The stores would only allow adults inside, and would only sell tobacco, menthol and mint flavors in the stores.

  • The FDA has proposed restricting the sale of fruity and sweet flavors, which it says appeal to teens, in convenience stores and gas stations.

Where it stands: Juul already controls 75% of the vaping market, and is already sold in 100,000 stores across the nation.

  • But having its own store could provide the company with sales insights that it could apply to other settings, and some customers may prefer shopping in a Juul store over another retail setting.
  • The company is also considering international stores, including one in South Korea.

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