May 14, 2019 - Technology

Everyone's ripping off Snapchat's Stories

Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

Stories, the string of photos and videos invented by Snapchat and ripped off by Facebook for Instagram are now being ripped off by ... everyone.

Why it matters: There’s no doubt that the format has been a success and a growing number of companies repurposing it to fit their users’ needs and — hopefully — gain some of their attention.

Driving the news: Spotify is reportedly testing its own version of the Stories format, according to Android Police. The format would enable artists to share content about a particular song’s backstory or inspiration — a natural medium for social media-savvy users and artists and a clever way to capture content that might otherwise end up on other apps.

Others that have also rolled out or tested their own version of Stories:

The bottom line, via Axios tech editor Scott Rosenberg: The story of the internet is one long chronicle of people hopping from one mode of personal sharing to another — from home pages to blogs to social media feeds. New media forms very rarely vanish; they just find new niches as consumption behavior and distribution practices change.

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