May 13, 2019 - Sports

Don't take me out to the ballgame: Major League Baseball has an attendance problem

Data: Baseball-Reference; Chart: Axios Visuals 
Data: Baseball-Reference; Chart: Axios Visuals 

Baseball's attendance is off to another slow start, and while those numbers will creep up during the summer months, the early drop is still indicative of a continuing and startling trend.

By the numbers: Between 2008 and 2018, the league's average attendance decreased by 14%. This season, March–April attendance was roughly the same as last year, but seven teams saw double-digit dips, led by the Blue Jays (25% drop-off), Twins (18%) and Giants (17%).

The bottom line: The decline isn't shocking. The league is filled with rebuilding and non-contending teams as a result of how this offseason played out, and the experience of watching from the couch is great — and only getting better.

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