May 6, 2019 - World

Gaza conflict: Israel lifts restrictions, Palestinians say truce reached

 Smoke rises after an Israeli air raid on homes in Gaza City during the conflict between the Palestinians and the Israeli army that began two days ago.

Smoke rises after an Israeli air raid on homes in Gaza City Sunday. Photo: Mohamed Zarandah/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Israel's army lifted security restrictions, as Palestinian leaders said they had agreed to a ceasefire following 2 days of deadly violence in the region, Reuters and AFP reported Monday, citing officials with knowledge of the agreement.

Details: Israel didn't confirm the Palestinian report, but the Times of Israel noted that the lifting of restrictions at 7 am local time for people living along the Gaza border and schools announcing they would open indicated "a truce had indeed been reached." Palestinian medical officials reported 25 deaths, including 3 women, 2 babies and at least 10 militants, per AP. AFP reports 4 civilians in Israel were killed.

The big picture: The fighting has been the bloodiest between the 2 sides since Israel's 2014 war with Hamas — the last time Israeli civilians were killed in fighting, per Axios' Zachary Basu.

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