Apr 30, 2019 - Health

Teens may not know that "juuling" means vaping

This image is a close-up of someone vaping and blowing smoke from their mouth.

A person using an e-cigarette. Photo: Eva Hambach/AFP/Getty Images

Some health officials and anti-tobacco groups worry that kids don't know that Juul is a type of e-cigarette, meaning the problem of youth vaping may be underreported, Bloomberg reports.

Why it matters: Teen vaping is already being treated as an epidemic, and both lawmakers and public health officials are considering drastic measures to crack down on it.

What's next? To solve the problem, an annual government survey that polls teens on their nicotine use will list Juul as an example of an e-cigarette this year.

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention expects that this may result in an increase in the number of teens who report e-cigarette use.

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