Apr 26, 2019 - Politics & Policy

Rod Rosenstein: Russian hacking was "only the tip of the iceberg"

In this image, Rod stands behind Bill Barr in sharp focus while Barr is slightly blurred and unfocused through the camera lens.

Attorney General Bill Barr and Rod Rosenstein. Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images

In his first public remarks since the Mueller report's release, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said Thursday Russian hacking was "only the tip of the iceberg" in the country's plans to "influence elections, promote social discord, and undermine America," per the Washington Post.

What he's saying: Rosenstein, who spoke at the Public Servants Dinner of the Armenian Bar Association, also defended the decision not to charge President Trump with obstruction of justice as a result of the Mueller report, saying, "The rule of law is our most important principle. ... As President Trump pointed out, 'We govern ourselves in accordance with the rule of law rather [than] … the whims of an elite few or the dictates of collective will.'"

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