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The Trumpworld witnesses interviewed in the Mueller investigation

Don McGahn

Former White House counsel Don McGahn. Photo: Saul Loeb - Pool/Getty Images

The redacted Mueller report revealed more than a dozen administration officials, White House staff, Trump campaign staff or former members of President Trump's cabinet who had previously unreported interviews with the special counsel's prosecutors.

Who's new

  • Richard Burt: Former U.S. ambassador and board member for the Center for the National Interest
  • Chris Christie: Former governor of New Jersey
  • Rick Dearborn: Former White House deputy chief of staff for policy, previously served as chief of staff to Sen. Jeff Sessions
  • Michael Dempsey: Office of Director of National Intelligence official
  • John Eisenberg: Attorney in the White House Counsel's Office and legal counsel for the National Security Council
  • Jody Hunt: Former chief of staff to then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions
  • Edward Gistaro: Deputy director of National Intelligence for Intelligence Integration
  • Zalmay Khalilzad: U.S. special representative to Afghanistan and former U.S. ambassador
  • Pete Landrum: Adviser to Sen. Jeff Sessions
  • Richard Ledgett: Former deputy director of the National Security Agency
  • Corey Lewandowski: Former Trump campaign manager
  • Sandra Luff: Legislative director for Sen. Jeff Sessions
  • John Mashburn: Trump administration official and former policy director to the Trump campaign
  • Matt Miller: Trump campaign staff member
  • Josh Raffel: Former White House communications adviser
  • James Rybicki: Former FBI chief of staff
  • Dimitri Simes: President and CEO of the Center for the National Interest

Names previously reported

  • Steve Bannon: Former White House chief strategist and senior counselor to President Trump, former chief executive of the Trump campaign
  • Avi Berkowitz: Assistant to Jared Kushner
  • Dana Boente: Former acting attorney general (Jan. 2017- Feb. 2017), former acting deputy attorney general (Feb. 2017)
  • Michael Caputo: Trump campaign adviser
  • Sam Clovis: Chief policy adviser and national co-chair of the Trump campaign
  • Dan Coats: Director of National Intelligence
  • Michael Cohen: Former vice president of the Trump Organization and "fixer" to Donald Trump
  • Mark Corallo: Former spokesman for President Trump's personal legal team
  • Annie Donaldson: Former chief of staff to White House counsel Donald McGahn
  • Michael Flynn: Former national security adviser, former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, former Trump campaign adviser.
  • Rick Gates: Deputy Trump campaign manager, Trump Inaugural Committee deputy chairman, longtime employee of Paul Manafort.
  • J.D. Gordon: Former Trump national security/foreign policy adviser
  • Hope Hicks: Former White House communications director and press secretary for the Trump campaign.
  • John Kelly: Former White House chief of staff
  • Jared Kushner: President Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser to the President
  • Paul Manafort: Former Trump campaign chairman
  • Andrew McCabe: Former acting director of the FBI and former deputy director of the FBI
  • K.T. McFarland: Former deputy national security adviser under Michael Flynn
  • Don McGahn: Former White House counsel
  • Stephen Miller: Senior adviser to the president
  • Carter Page: Former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser
  • George Papadopoulos: Former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser
  • Mike Pompeo: Secretary of state, former director of the CIA
  • Reince Priebus: Former White House chief of staff, former chair of the Republican National Committee
  • Adm. Mike Rogers: Former director of the National Security Agency
  • Rod Rosenstein: Current deputy attorney general and former acting attorney general for the Russian election interference investigation
  • Sarah Sanders: White House press secretary
  • Jeff Sessions: Former attorney general and former Alabama senator
  • Sean Spicer: Former White House press secretary and former White House communications director
  • Sally Yates: Former acting attorney general and former deputy attorney general

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