Apr 15, 2019 - Technology

Exclusive: Mapbox nabs Uber engineering leader

Nico Belmonte. Photo: Mapbox

Nico Belmonte. Photo: Mapbox

Mapbox has tapped Uber's Nico Belmonte to be its GM of maps.

Details: At Uber, Belmonte led a team of more than 50 engineers working on the core business as well as future areas including autonomous vehicles.

  • He was also very familiar with the company's digital mapping technology, having used it for Uber's analysis of its dispatch and routing as well as self-driving car visualization.
  • "For the past four years, we've been using Mapbox," he said. "I feel this is such a natural transition for me to just move there."

Why it matters: Mapping remains a hot area for companies like Google, Apple, Here, and Mapbox that are in the business, as well as for all the internet and transportation companies that rely on such technology.

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