Apr 2, 2019 - Economy

"Game of Thrones" is 152 times more in demand than the average TV show

Demand for the final season of "Game of Thrones" is at a record high, according to Parrot Analytics, a data science company that measures and predicts global demand for content.

Data: Parrot Analytics and Axios research; Chart: Harry Stevens/Axios

By the numbers: According to Parrot's research given to Axios, "Game of Thrones" is now 159 times more in demand in the U.S. than the average TV show title.

  • This continues to put the show into Parrot's “exceptional” demand category, of which Parrot says only 0.01% of TV series manage to enter.
  • To give you a sense of scale, other shows in the exceptional category, like "The Walking Dead" and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" noted in the chart above, don't come close to the "Game of Thrones" in terms of demand.

"Demand" is defined as the desire and want for content and is composed of actual viewership (streaming and downloads), social media engagement (hashtags, liking, sharing), and research actions (reading about shows, writing about shows, etc.).

  • Parrot has built its business by mostly measuring demand, and its work is cited frequently by Hollywood trade publications.

Meanwhile, the upcoming season finale, airing April 14th, is putting pressure on its parent company HBO and Pay-TV provider Dish to come to a distribution agreement, Bloomberg reports.

  • HBO has lost millions of customers due to the months-long dispute.
  • Dish has suffered from major subscribers losses due in part to blackouts with HBO and, until recently, Univision.
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