Apr 1, 2019 - Technology

Gmail gets an upgrade for its 15th birthday

Gmail launched April 1, 2004 — but the service was clearly no joke. For its 15th birthday, Google is adding a bunch of new features.

Why it matters: Gmail has become a force not just in consumer webmail, but also powering email for businesses large and small. Both Yahoo and Microsoft can tell you what happens if you stop being the coolest email kid on the block.

What's new:

  • Smart Compose, the predictive options that guess what you are going to write next, can now help with both introductions and subject lines.
  • Also, Smart Comp0se is now available on Android devices (and coming soon to iOS) and several new languages are supported as well.
  • A new "write now, send later" option offers Gmail users several advantages, including being able to write messages at one's leisure without making co-workers feel compelled to also respond in what are supposed to be off hours.
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