Mar 29, 2019 - Health

14% of hospital visits include the most common form of a surprise bill

New data from the Health Care Cost Institute tries to pin down just how often patients end up with the most common form of a surprise hospital bill — the kind that arises when patients go to a hospital that's in their insurance network, but are seen by a doctor who's out-of-network.

By the numbers: Nationwide, about 14% of in-network hospital admissions included a bill for out-of-network care, per HCCI.

Details: There's wide variation in the prevalence of surprise billing from state to state. Florida patients have it worst — 26% of hospital admissions in the state ended with an out-of-network bill. Minnesota has the lowest rate of surprise billing, at less than 2%.

  • Anesthesiologists sent more of these bills than any other specialty, followed by primary care and emergency medicine.

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