Feb 21, 2019 - World

How the Mueller investigation could wrap up

In this image, a suited Robert Mueller stands in front of a microphone podium with the logo of the Department of Justice behind him.

Special counsel Robert Mueller. Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

The Justice Department is preparing for special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation to end as soon as next week, according to a CNN report.

What to watch: In WIRED, the well-wired Garrett M. Graff gives seven "wrap up" scenarios for how it could all end, ranging from a simple letter to Attorney General Bill Barr all the way to a novelistic, explosive report authored by Mueller's team.

  1. "Mueller sends the attorney general a simple 'declination letter,' telling Bill Barr that he’s concluded his work as special counsel."
  2. "Mueller compiles a detailed 'roadmap,' providing Congress with an annotated bibliography or index of sorts outlining impeachment-worthy presidential 'high crimes and misdemeanors.'"
  3. "Mueller authors a detailed novelistic narrative, akin to what the 9/11 Commission wrote or what Ken Starr authored at the conclusion of his Whitewater hearing."
  4. "He offers both a final round of 'his' indictments as well as a detailed report like #2 or #3."
  5. "He offers a report, but not the report, something more akin to a progress report rather than a single, definitive one."
  6. "He closes up shop but refers numerous active cases to other prosecutors."
  7. "Mueller unseals one or more long-standing sealed indictments."

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