Feb 18, 2019 - Politics & Policy

Elizabeth Warren set to release a universal child care plan

Elizabeth Warren. Photo: Scott Eisen/Getty Images

In her next big move as a presidential candidate, Sen. Elizabeth Warren plans to release a proposal for universal child care on Tuesday, HuffPost first reported and Axios has confirmed with a source familiar with this plan.

Why it matters: This could make child care a more prominent issue in the 2020 presidential election, especially as health care in general will be a dominant topic. Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders proposed significant changes to the current child care system during the 2016 election.

Details: A source familiar with Warren's proposal told Axios that access to child care would be free for any family living under 200% of the poverty line.

  • But no family, regardless of income, would ever pay more than 7% of their income for access to child care among the providers included in this proposal.
  • The plan would cost nearly $700 billion, per HuffPost. A source familiar with the proposal told Axios that Warren would plan to pay for this using part of the revenue generated from her wealth tax proposal.

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