Jan 21, 2019 - Politics & Policy

If Trump were a CEO

Donald Trump holding out his hands on stage

President Trump arrives at a campaign rally in Fort Wayne, Ind., in November. (Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images)

As President Trump begins year 3 of his presidency today, an interesting way to look at his record is to consider how he'd be judged if he were a CEO.

The bottom line: "2 years in, president is at a loss as dealmaker," the WashPost's Phil Rucker and Josh Dawsey write:

  • "Trump’s management of the ... shutdown — his first foray in divided government — has exposed as never before his shortcomings as a dealmaker ... apparent shortage of empathy ... difficulty accepting responsibility ... revenge ... seeming misunderstanding of Democrats’ motivations."
  • Republican strategist Mike Murphy, a Trump critic: "People saw him as some sort of business wizard. ... It’s like McDonald’s not being able to make a hamburger."

The N.Y. Times also front-pages a mogul theme, "In Business and Governing, Trump Seeks Victory in Chaos," by Russ Buettner and Maggie Haberman:

  • "As he did during decades in business, Mr. Trump has insulted adversaries, undermined his aides, repeatedly changed course, extolled his primacy as a negotiator and induced chaos."
  • "In a brief telephone interview, ... Trump was not specific in defending his tactics, but he described himself as successful in his chosen fields of real estate, entertainment and finally politics. 'I ran for office once and I won,' Mr. Trump said."
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