Jan 7, 2019 - Technology

Samsung is getting into robots


HS Kim. Photo: Samsung

Samsung is using CES to announce its entry into the robotics business and show off several prototypes, including an exoskeleton that augments human muscles as well as more modest home devices.

Why it matters: The Korean electronics giant sees robots as a natural evolution for both its appliance and mobile businesses.

In an interview, Samsung consumer electronics CEO HS Kim told Axios that the company has built the platform to power its robots program but actual products will take more time.

A home robot, Kim said, could easily morph into all manner of appliances, from vacuum to lawnmower to kitchen assistant, depending on what was attached. "You can imagine any kind of product as long as you have a very solid platform."

The exoskeleton is one of several types of robots, Kim said, that could help the elderly or others with limited mobility. Home robots could help with other tasks, he said, such as taking pills.

Samsung showed off one such prototype, which it dubbed Samsung Bot Care that could also check blood pressure and heart rate as well as offer music therapy, remote monitoring and fall detection.

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