Dec 3, 2018 - World

Trump praises Roger Stone for not cooperating with Mueller

In a follow-up to his tweets criticizing Michael Cohen for pleading guilty in the Mueller investigation, President Trump praised former campaign adviser Roger Stone Monday morning for refusing to testify against him.

“I will never testify against Trump.” This statement was recently made by Roger Stone, essentially stating that he will not be forced by a rogue and out of control prosecutor to make up lies and stories about “President Trump.” Nice to know that some people still have “guts!”

The backdrop: On ABC's This Week yesterday, Stone said, "There’s no circumstance under which I would testify against the president because I’d have to bear false witness against him. I’d have to make things up. And I’m not going to do that." Stone is under scrutiny for suspicions that he acted as an intermediary between the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks, allegations that he denies.

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