Aug 27, 2018 - Technology

A top Facebook PR exec is leaving for Netflix

Facebook PR head Rachel Whetstone in 2012 speaking at a podium

Rachel Whetstone in 2012. Toru Yamanaka/AFP/GettyImages

Rachel Whetstone, the former Uber and Google PR executive who joined Facebook a year ago, is leaving the company. She's headed to fill the vacant top PR spot at Netflix, as first reported by Recode.

Why it matters: It's obviously been a tough year to be leading the messaging at Facebook. Top PR and policy exec Elliot Schrage said earlier this year that he would be leaving as well.

Caryn Marooney, who ran communications before Whetstone's arrival and had been focused on product communications, will once again lead all communications for Facebook. The company is still looking for Schrage's replacement. Whetstone will remain at Facebook for a couple more months.

While no top executives left Facebook in the immediate aftermath of Cambridge Analytica, there have been several departures of late, including security chief Alex Stamos and business executive Dan Rose, who said last week he was leaving.

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