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All the Trump 2018 stuff we couldn't fit in our news cycle chart

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We made a chart of some of the biggest events of the Trump presidency in the first half of 2018. Here's what didn't make the cut.

Why it matters: Sometimes it's good to take a step back and realize we all deserve an August vacation.

Just between January 1st and June 30th we've witnessed:

  1. Fire and Fury - Michael Wolff's bombastic, controversial book was published on January 5, leading to over a week of coverage.
  2. A DACA court injunction, which forced the government to accept DACA renewals, came on January 10th.
  3. “Shithole countries:” Trump referred to Haiti and other African countries as "shit hole countries," reported on January 11.
  4. A few days later there was a false missile alert in Hawaii, which took far too long to correct.
  5. The government shut down on January 20th partially due to debates what to do about DACA.
  6. Threat to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller: Trump reportedly ordered Mueller to be fired, but White House Counsel Don McGahn threatened to resign, the New York Times reported on January 25.
  7. The Nunes memo was released on February 2, which accused the FBI of malpractice in obtaining a FISA warrant for Carter Page. This kicked of a memo back-and-forth about what really went down at the FBI.
  8. Rob Porter resigned from the White House on February 7
  9. Senate immigration debate took place February 10-15, and ended in failure.
  10. The Parkland school shooting took place on February 14, followed by widespread rallies and gun protests.
  11. Mueller indicted 13 Russians for election meddling on February 16.
  12. Trump filed for re-election on February 20.
  13. Rick Gates, Paul Manafort's business partner, reached a plea deal with Mueller, reported on February 23.
  14. Jared Kushner lost his top security clearance on February 27.
  15. Hope Hicks left the White House on February 28.
  16. Ben Carson's lavish spending allegations on a dining room set was reported on February 28.
  17. The steel and aluminum tariffs were first announced by the Trump administration on March 1.
  18. Trump suggested the death penalty for illegal drug dealers on the same day.
  19. Gary Cohn left the White House, seemingly due to Trump's latest trade decisions, on March 6.
  20. Rex Tillerson left the State Department on March 13.
  21. Democrat Connor Lamb won the closely watched Pennsylvania special election on March 14 in a district Trump won by 20 points.
  22. FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was fired by Attorney General Sessions on March 16. He would have qualified for additional retirement benefits in just a few days.
  23. Reports that Trump-linked data analytic firm Cambridge Analytica illicitly harvested and used Facebook information from tens of millions of users came out on March 17.
  24. Supreme Court decided not to take up the Pennsylvania redistricting case on March 19. It was a loss for Republicans hoping to halt the implementation of a new congressional map.
  25. Trump congratulated Putin on his re-election — despite being repeatedly urged not to do such a thing by his aides — on March 20.
  26. H.R. McMaster left the White House on March 22.
  27. Trump signed the Congressional spending bill on March 23, despite threatening not to and clarifying that he would not do such a thing again.
  28. John Bolton joined the White House as National Security Advisor the same day.
  29. Stormy Daniels appeared on 60 minutes on March 25, describing her alleged affair with Donald Trump and how Trump and his lawyer Michael Cohen attempted to cover it up.
  30. Trump expelled 60 Russians from the U.S. on March 26 in response to Russia's involvement in the poisoning of a former Russian spy in the U.K.
  31. Trump tweeted about Amazon on March 29, saying they are bad for the U.S. Postal Service.
  32. Reports came out that Scott Pruitt had requested raises for his closest aides on April 3, just one of the many scandals to embroil the then-EPA chief.
  33. Trump called for the National Guard to help build barriers and back up immigration law enforcement at the border on April 4.
  34. Michael Cohen's office was raided by the FBI on April 9.
  35. Paul Ryan announced he would not run for re-election on April 11.
  36. Trump pardoned Scooter Libby on Apri 13.
  37. Trump ordered precision strikes on Syria for the second year in a row on April 14 in response to civilian chemical attacks attributed to the Assad regime.
  38. Ronny Jackson — Trump's doctor — withdrew as the Veteran's Affairs nominee on April 26
  39. Giuliani said Trump personally repaid Cohen $130k for Stormy Daniels on May 2.
  40. Mike Pompeo was sworn in as Secretary of State on May 2.
  41. Don Blankenship lost the West Virginia primary on May 7
  42. Zero-tolerance policy was announced on May 7th, although the policy got the most backlash in June when the effects were more widely known and reported.
  43. Trump pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal on May 8.
  44. North Korea freed three Americans on May 9.
  45. The former White House official Kelly Sadler reportedly mocked Sen. John McCain in a meeting on May 10, calling him irrelevant because he was going to die soon.
  46. U.S. embassy opened in Jerusalem on May 14.
  47. "Animals, not people:" Trump called MS-13 members “animals, not people” on May 17, although many felt he was also referring to all immigrants in this way.
  48. The Senate confirmed Gina Haspel as CIA director on May 17.
  49. A federal court ruled on May 23 that Trump can’t block people on Twitter.
  50. Trump pardoned Jack Johnson on May 24.
  51. Trump met with Kim Kardashian in the Oval Office to discuss pardons and prison reform on May 31.
  52. Trump pardoned Dinesh D'Souza on May 31.
  53. Mueller accused Paul Manafort of attempting to tamper with witnesses on June 4, he was then jailed on June 15.
  54. Trump commuted Alice Johnson's sentence on June 6.
  55. Trump struck a deal with ZTE, the Chinese telecom company, on June 7. This enabled the company to stay in business despite breaking U.S. sanctions.
  56. Trump attended the G7 summit, and bullied several world leaders, on June 9.
  57. Trump met with Kim Jong-un in Singapore on June 13.
  58. The FBI Inspector General report released on June 14 revealed poor decisions on the part of James Comey and more bombastic texts between FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, although there were no substantial conclusions.
  59. Trump held a crazy, off-the-cuff Fox and Friends interview, rejecting the compromise House immigration bill and praising the North Korean dictator on June 15.
  60. Trump withdrew from the Human Rights Council on June 19
  61. Trump established Space Force on June 19.
  62. Family separation executive order: Trump signed an order on June 20 instructing the Department of Homeland Security to no longer separate migrant children from their parents, although it did not undo the "zero-tolerance" policy.
  63. Melania wore a jacket with “I DON’T REALLY CARE DO U” on the back on June 21 on her way to the border to visit migrant children who had been separated from their parents.
  64. Sarah Sanders was kicked out of the Red Hen restaurant on June 23, leading to a news cycle focused on political "civility."
  65. The Supreme Court upheld the travel ban on June 26.
  66. Justice Kennedy announced his retirement on June 27
  67. Both House immigration bills failed, June 20-27th.
  68. Trump called NATO as bad as NAFTA, reported on June 28.
  69. It was reported on June 29 that Trump wanted out of the World Trade Organization.
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