Jun 21, 2018 - Politics & Policy

Trump doubles down on blaming Democrats for child separation crisis

Trump talks and points his finger while at his Cabinet meeting

Photo:Win McNamee/Getty Images

During a Cabinet meeting Thursday, President Trump continued blame "extremist, open border" Democrats for the child separation crisis plaguing the country, claiming that they've politicized the situation at the border and have intentionally failed to approve any solutions because they think it's "bad for the election."

"[Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi] don't care about the children. They don't care about the injury. They don't care about the problems. They don't care about anything. All they do is say, 'Obstruct & let's see how we do,' because they have no policies that are any good."
ā€” President Trump

Be smart: Despite Trump consistently trying to punt responsibility onto Congress and the Democrats, several Democratic lawmakers have proposed legislation attempting to deal with the immigration crisis. The party also came close to passing a bipartisan immigration bill earlier this year, but Trump knocked it down.

Top quotes:

  • "You look back at 2014 during the Obama Administration, they had pictures that are so bad, they had a judge that said it was inhumane the way they were treating children."
  • "Mexico is doing nothing for us except taking our money and sending us drugs ... [The immigrants we're getting] are drug traffickers, they're human traffickers, they're coyotes."
  • "Melania is down now at the border because it really bothered her to be looking at this and to seeing it, as it bothered me, as it bothered everybody at this table. We're all bothered by it."
  • "Other countries are laughing at us because our immigration laws are so bad."
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