Jun 8, 2018 - Technology

Facebook pledges to train a million small business owners

Photo illustration: Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images

To train 1 million people and small businesses owners by 2020, Facebook says it will expand its in-person training programs, like Community Boost, create more local partnerships, and build more eLearning resources. 

Why it matters: Facebook says it's trying to close the skills gap. Small businesses are also an important part of its advertising community and platform. Facebook's main app has roughly 6 million advertisers and Instagram has over 2 million.

How it works:

  • Facebook will expand in-person training programs to more cities, including its in-person digital training program, Community Boost, which works with local businesses to provide digital skills and training for people in need of work, entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profits.
  • Facebook will form more community college partnerships to create new Digital Marketing Certificate programs.
  • Facebook will double down on eLearning resources, like its free "Blueptin" elearning program available in 14 languages.
  • Facebook will bring its "Learn with Facebook" program to the US from Germany and India. It's a free online training resource to equip people with new digital skills, outside of just digital advertising.
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