May 1, 2018 - Technology

Apple earnings: All eyes on iPhone demand

A red Apple iPhone 8

Photo: Apple

After skittish comments from several companies that supply iPhone components, everyone is keen to hear what Apple itself has to say about demand when it issues its financial earnings results later today.

The big picture: Apple shareholders are eager to hear promised details on how much money the company plans to return to shareholders through dividends and stock buybacks, especially after Apple brings back all its overseas cash.

Here's what Wall Street is expecting on various metrics:

  • Revenue (January–March quarter): $61.1 billion (Zacks)
  • Earnings (January–March quarter): $2.69 per share (Zacks)
  • iPhone sales: 53 million (Loup Ventures)
  • Revenue forecast (April–June quarter): $51.6 billion (Zacks)
  • Earnings forecast (April–June quarter): $2.11 per share (Zacks)
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