Apr 16, 2018 - Economy

How the Comey interview played in the partisan media

James Comey

Photo: Melina Mara / The Washington Post via Getty Images

James Comey dominated Monday morning headlines from all news outlets with his bombastic interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos on Sunday.

Why it matters: We can see another example of how differently right-wing, left-wing and mainstream media can cover the same event.

Mainstream news outlets:

  1. ABC News: Comey thinks Donald Trump is unfit to be president
  2. CNN: Comey's intensely personal Trump attack
  3. NBC: Trump 'morally unfit to be president,' Comey says in TV interview
  4. MSNBC: Comey says Trump 'morally unfit' in new interview
  5. The New York Times: Comey, in Interview, Calls Trump ‘Morally Unfit’ and ‘Stain’ on All Around Him
  6. The Washington Post: Fired FBI director Comey says Trump is ‘morally unfit’ and may be vulnerable to Russian blackmail

Right-leaning news outlets:

  1. Fox News: Comey rips Obama for comments on Clinton case: He 'jeopardized' DOJ
  2. Daily Caller: Comey Thinks Rosenstein 'Acted Dishonorably'
  3. Breitbart: Comey on Trump’s Win: ‘Was Thinking, Oh My God — Did We Have Some Role in This?’
  4. Washington Examiner: James Comey’s wife, daughters wanted Hillary Clinton to win election
  5. National Review: Loretta Lynch Claps Back at James Comey
  6. Free Beacon: Comey: ‘It Sucked’ to Be Me in Final Days of 2016 Campaign, ‘Everybody Hated Me’

Left-leaning news outlets

  1. HuffPost: COMEY’S REVENGE
  2. BuzzFeed News: James Comey Says There's "Some Evidence" Donald Trump Obstructed Justice
  3. Daily Beast: Comey: Trump Acts Like a Mob Boss & Is ‘Morally Unfit to Be President’—But Shouldn’t Be Impeached
  4. Think Progress: 7 eye-opening comments about Russia from James Comey’s ABC News interview
  5. Mother Jones: James Comey Had Some Very Not Nice Things to Say About Donald Trump
  6. Vox: Comey interview: there’s “evidence” Trump obstructed justice
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