Apr 6, 2018 - Technology

Tim Cook blasts "creepy" web tracking

Tim Cook talking with Kara Swisher and Chris Hayes

Photo: MSNBC

A sneak peek for Axios readers at a comment Apple CEO Tim Cook makes on “Revolution: Apple Changing the World,” premiering at 8 tonight on MSNBC:

"To me, it’s creepy when I look at something and all of a sudden it’s chasing me all the way across the web. I don’t like that... [MSNBC's Chris Hayes interjects: "Particularly when I bought it!"]... "So, I think what has to be done is the type of information has to be looked at that companies can hold. I think the connection and sources of data have to be looked at — when you own many different properties, ... and I can take the information I’ve learned about you from this property, add it to what I learned about you here and here and here. And there’s no reasonable alternative for people. ... This is not good."
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