Apr 4, 2018 - Economy

Smarter Faster Revolution: The Ohio State University

Mike Allen and Mark Cuban looking at the future. Photo: Kristin Mackler

Over 400 students joined Axios co-founders Mike Allen and Jim VandeHei at the Ohio State University for the fifth leg of the Smarter Faster Revolution college tour. They discussed the Future of Work, how to counteract job displacement, and how to succeed in the workplace with:

  • T.H. John Kasich, Governor, Ohio
  • Ms. Amy Bonitatibus, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer of Home Lending, JPMorgan Chase & Co.
  • Mr. Mark Cuban, Entrepreneur
Kevin Stankiewicz, Editor in Chief of OSU's student newspaper. Photo: Kristin Mackler

Leading up to the event, OSU student newspaper editor-in-chief Kevin Stankiewicz spoke with Axios' Alexi McCammond about his paper and what he sees as the future of journalism.

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Jim tells OSU students that his generation could get away with only understanding their own industry. Now, in order to be successful, young people need to understand all industries and how they affect each other. Photo: Kristin Mackler

More career advice from Jim:

  • "Life’s a lot more simple than we make it. If you work your butt off, if you do the right thing, if you don’t cut the corners, if you don’t talk behind people’s back […] it work wonders in the work force."
  • On how to succeed at your first job: "Work harder than anybody else. Ask for more opportunities[...] I guarantee you that will payoff down the road because you asked the questions, you exposed yourself to information, and exposed yourself to people that put you in the position to be more successful than the next person."
Gov. Kasich talking with Axios' Mike Allen. Photo: Kristin Mackler

Kasich tells students they can come out on the right side of AI as long as they're "constantly learning, aware of what jobs are out there, and constantly upgrading [their] skills."

Students packed into OSU's student union for the event. Photo: Kristin Mackler
Bonitatibus on deciding where to work: "I weigh heavily the culture of the firm or company. You spend half of your week working [...] You want to join a community that’s fun, inspiring, motivational, and where they have your best interest in mind." Photo: Kristin Mackler
Cuban warns "If your job can be automated, it will be automated." Photo: Kristin Mackler

Cuban on the affect AI will have on jobs:

  • "AI is going to lead to disruption. In the short term, that means a lot of jobs are going to be displaced."
  • "If you interact with software for most of your job, opposed to making discreet decisions and having to strategize, your job's going to be disrupted."
  • On how to come out ahead: "Understand what AI is [...] AI is going to be everywhere."
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OSU students learning about job opportunities at JPMorgan Chase & Co. Photo: Kristin Mackler
Photo: Kristin Mackler

Thank you JPMorgan Chase & Co. for sponsoring this event.

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