Mar 11, 2018 - Politics & Policy

Fact-checking Trump's approval ratings tweet

President Trump tweeted that media reports that his approval ratings are lower than those of President Obama are "fake news." Here are the facts:

  • RealClearPolitics' polling average places Trump's approval at 40.9%, significantly lower than Obama's approval (48.5%) at the same time during his presidency.
  • Rasmussen Reports' latest numbers, from Friday, put Trump's approval rating at 44% — not "around 50%." Rasmussen, whose "likely voter" model tends to favor Republicans, also had Obama at 44% on the same day in 2010.
  • The bottom line: Trump's numbers have ticked upward, and his current approval rating is higher than the low point of Obama's presidency (39.8% per RCP). But Trump's rating remains below the 48% that Obama averaged over 8 years, and far below the 57.2% rating he had when he left office.
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