Mar 9, 2018 - Technology

Americans say AI poses greater job threat than immigration

a white robot with a touch screen and a man using the touch screen

Photo: BSIP / UIG via Getty Images

More than half of Americans (58%) believe that artificial intelligence poses a greater threat to U.S. jobs over the next 10 years than immigration and offshoring (42%,) according to a new Northeastern University/Gallup survey.

By the numbers:

  • 61% of the youngest age group polled, 18-35 year olds, believe that technology poses the deepest threat, compared to 39% of pointed to immigration and offshoring.
  • Republicans were the only subgroup to think that immigration and offshoring (48%) pose a bigger threat than AI (52%,) while Democrats chose AI as the higher threat (67%) by 34 more percentage points than immigration and offshoring (33%.)
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