Mar 7, 2018 - Politics & Policy

Gary Cohn’s potential replacements

Cohn and Trump

News broke of Cohn's resignation on Tuesday evening. Photo: T.J. Kirkpatrick / Bloomberg via Getty Images 

The White House hasn't done any succession planning, but here's who we're hearing as possible replacements for Gary Cohn as President Trump's chief economic adviser.

Four rumored contenders for the position are: Kevin Warsh, former Fed governor and economic official for President George W. Bush; Shahira Knight, Deputy Assistant to the President for Economic Policy, Cohn's top tax official; Peter Navarro, White House trade adviser, who argued for tariffs; and Larry Kudlow, CNBC senior contributor and conservative commentator, who shares Cohn's views on trade.

P.S. Trump at a press conference yesterday, before the Cohn announcement, on finding new talent:

  • "Many, many people want every single job. You know, I read where, 'Oh, gee, maybe people don’t want to work for Trump.' And believe me, everybody wants to work in the White House. They all want a piece of that Oval Office; they want a piece of the West Wing. And not only in terms of it looks great on their résumé; it’s just a great place to work."
  • "So many people want to come in. I have a choice of anybody. I could take any position in the White House, and I’ll have a choice of the 10 top people having to do with that position. Everybody wants to be there."
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